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I'd Like To Help!

That's good, because in order to build up this resource we need you to dig out those old newspapers, TV Times and Radio Times to see what you can find.

The generation of the HTML pages here is automated, because otherwise it would be a big job maintaining all the indices and links. Therefore if you are going to help out, it will assist if you send your listing submissions in a standardised format.

Send an ASCII text file, either as an email or attachment, to You will receive an automatic acknowledgement.

The file should contain:

FROM  Your name
SRCE  The Source of your listing (eg Radio Times)
DATE  The Date of the listing, in the format 31/12/1998
CHAN  The Channel (eg BBC1, BBC1 Wales, ITV London, Westward)

And then each programme, one per line:

07:00 Breakfast News
09:00 Some Daytime Rubbish
12:00 The Lunchtime Quiz
13:00 The One O Clock News

Please note: Use 24 hour clock notation, a colon ":" and leading zeroes where appropriate plus a space between time and title.

If you want to include further details about each programme, then you can, but please use a | vertical bar | to separate the programme title from the additional details. You can supply two different types of additional detail, the first is highlighted next to the programme title, the second is placed underneath. Here are some examples:

19:30 Eastenders|New Series|The first episode of a new soap set in Walford, East London.

19:30 Eastenders New Series
The first episode of a new soap set in Walford, East London.

17:10 Animal Magic|Black and White

17:10 Animal Magic Black and White

19:00 Wogan||Interviews Madonna

19:00 Wogan
Interviews Madonna

Note the last example, if you don't have "New Series", "Colour", "Black and White" or something similar as a note, then put two || characters.

Please don't use programme time ranges (eg 09:00 - 09:30). Please do include the end of a programme by adding an additional entry after it:

09:00 Mastermind
09:30 Close
11:00 Play School
11:25 Close

Finally, for additional channels or stations, just add a new channel line, and then continue the listing. Here's a full example:

FROM  Darren Meldrum
DATE  31/12/92
SRCE  Radio Times, price 10p
NOTES The last day of braodcasting for three ITV franchises

09:00 The first programme|Repeat|This was the first programme of the day.
09:30 The second programme||Not very interesting.
10:00 CLOSE

CHAN  BBC1 Wales
INTRO As BBC1 except:
09:30 A Welsh Variation

CHAN  ITV Thames (London)
NOTES Last Day of broadcasting for Thames
10:00 Thames News
10:30 Close

INTRO As Thames except:
11:00 Coast to Coast
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