MHPTeletext Then and Now

Teletext is the generic name for a system of information broadcast as pages of text alongside the domestic television signal.
The first regular service was launched in 1974 by the BBC and called "Ceefax". This followed several years of development by engineers at the BBC and IBA. The IBA service was launched shortly afterwards as "Oracle".

Ceefax is still broadcasting today, whereas Oracle closed down at the end of 1992, when it lost its franchise as part of the big shake up of ITV. The replacement service confused everyone by calling themselves "Teletext", putting us in the ridiculous position of having Teletext as both a generic name for the technology and a brand name for one particular service. 25 years on from the original 30 page Ceefax, British TV viewers have hundreds of pages of information at their fingertips. Teletext is also popular in many European countries, although it did not take off in America.

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