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08 Aug 98

The Ident Zone

16 May 98

03 May 98

The Ident Zone


08 Mar 98

The Test Card Gallery

The Ident Zone

Pick of the Continuity Announcements

Teletext Then and Now


24 Jan 98

Recent updates include 4 new video clips in the Resources section and an update to the news section. Plus some more old TV Listings in What We Used To Watch.

11 Jan 98

A New Year, and a new section. "What We Used To Watch" features TV lisitngs from years gone by.

Also an update to the news section.

14 Dec 97

Unfortunately, for technical and financial reasons, the Feedback Forum had to be withdrawn mid-month. Put simply - it was so popular it overloaded the server. As a replacement, we launched our mhp-chat discussion mailing list, which anyone can join and contribute to.

Other items included in this month's update include:

Among the new sound and video samples are:

Haven't had time to update the Teletext section this month, but will do in January, plus we apologise but the Add A Link service still isn't working - it's on the list. Happy browsing.

8 Nov 97

2 Nov 97

A new look and many new features, too many to list. Nearly every part of the MHP has been updated, revised or expanded, with many new sections. Highlights include:

So take your time browsing!

12 Oct 97

10 Oct 97 Resources Updated.

Now includes some Westward and TWW idents, plus the Woodentops and Welcome Home to ITV.

4 Oct 97 The new BBC Logos
MHP Nominated for UKTV Site of the Year 1997
New images in the Test Card Gallery
Coverage of Diana, Princess of Wales
22 Aug 97 Some New Resources, including Southern Rhapsody and TSW 1 & 2 in RealVideo
16 Aug 97 New pages for the Test Card Circle
12 Jul 97 A new set of articles from Keith Hamer has been received, including details and reviews of two new Test Card Music CDs.

The Test Card Gallery has been updated with what is beleived to be a new BBC Test Card, used in overnight tests.

16 Jun 97 The Test Card Gallery has been updated with a new section of early BBC Colour tests and an update to the Continuity Announcements section.
The Teletext feature has had a major revision, including updates to the Ceefax and World sections, and a new Satellite section.
There is a new selection of Charivari stories.
The Feedback section has been extensively revised and there have been additions to the Help Wanted page.
The Resources have been revised.
5 May 97 Soapbox updated, with my thoughts on Election 97 coverage.
Test Card Circle pages updated, with three samples of Test Card Music.
Resources updated.
21 Apr 97 We welcome the Test Card Circle with their own set of pages.
We hope to bring some RealAudio Test Card music soon.
15 Apr 97 A few minor corrections and an update to the Test Card FAQ. Apparently Carole Hersee is not left handed after all!
11 Apr 97 New layout for the front page.
New page within the Test Card Gallery for the Test Card Circle, including the Radio Netherlands feature as RealAudio.
6 Apr 97 Some new Charivari stories added.
30 Mar 97 Channel 5 is launched, details and vidcaps on the Channel 5 Page, plus a RealAudio of that Spice Girls video.
25 Mar 97 New pages added to the Teletext Then and Now section, some new images from Oracle and Ulster Television joins our ancillary services.
A new image can be found on the Channel 5 page.
24 Mar 97 More Resources added. Test Card FAQ added.
21 Mar 97 Details of new BBC Engineering Information site added.
Channel 5 countdown timer added.
Scottish Television teletext pages added.
18 Mar 97 A few links fixed in the teletext section, and a new image for the "Continuity Announcements page, that of Syliva Peters, an early on screen announcer for the BBC. I had hoped to include an audio clip, but a hard disk failure means that this will be delayed. Election Soapbox is here!
10 Mar 97 Welcome to the new version of the Meldrum Home Page, now hosted on the Meldrum Associates server.

In addition to the new location, there are a few updates this time around. The AtoZ index is now back online, there are new resources, including early LWT idents, and the RealAudio files are now streamed so that you can listen on-line.
Minor amendments elsewhere, and the soapbox has been updated.

5 Mar 97 Minor corrections to narrative, thanks for spotting the factual errors! , Resources reorganised, Navigating the Test Card Gallery is a little easier.

... and the first wide-screen picture to appear in the Test Card Gallery, in the "Around the World" section.

1 Mar 97 Major Update to the Meldrum Home Page
The Test Card Gallery has been extensively revised and expanded to include more test cards, early tuning signals and apology captions.
A new section from Keith Hamer is included.
The Teletext Then and Now section has been revamped and some new images from the Tyne Tees (Channel 3 North East) region added.
A brand new "Charivari" section has been introduced
The Channel 5 page has been revised.
The UK Transmitters page has been replace by Mike Brown's list.
A Did You Know? section of archive facts appears for the first time
The Links page has been redesigned and expanded
A new resources section of sound bytes and video clips included.
30 Jan 97 New FEEDBACK section
27 Jan 97 Minor amendments to commentary, following feedback.
26 Jan 97 Major update to the Test Card Gallery incorporating
"Pick of the continuity announcements"
Updated information on Videos for sale, Test Card Club etc.
OFAH has finished it's visit, and gone.
Channel 5 Croydon Vidcaps in stock now!
24 Jan 97 You can now register for email notification of updates to this page.
22 Jan 97 Channel 5 Croydon details added
21 Jan 97 We've identified the mystery tune!
Links updated
18 Jan 97 YTV Teletext images appear, minor updates to teletext pages, updates to the credits page, a few new links and general tinkering.
16 Jan 97 New "In Memory" page, gives details of the Test Card Circle, 405 Alive and the Test Card Club.
The A to Z Index appears for the first time.
Soapbox page updated.
14 Jan 97 Updates to the Test Card Gallery, some music to listen to, and the Channel 5 page.
12 Jan 97 A new look for the front page, and a new puzzle. Can you identify that tune?
11 Jan 97 The Ceefax page in Teletext Then and Now has been updated, with probably the earliest Ceefax index page from 1973/74 when the service was still "experimental".
The "Only Fools and Horses" images are just visiting, see them while you can!
09 Jan 97 The links page has been updated.
07 Jan 97 More Test Cards, this time some early '50s ITA test cards and '40s vintage BBC Tuning signals
The credits, previously hidden away in How Do They Do That? now have a page of their own
30 Dec 96 New for 1997, the Test Card Gallery gets a facelift with some new arrivals.
Check out the Baird 30 Line Test Chart and the BBC Test Card A
20 Dec 96 The links have out grown the front page. A separate links page is provided.
Minor modifications to the Ceefax page and some links.
17 Dec 96 The Teletext pages get a major relaunch. In true teletext style, the content is the
same but the page numbers are different!
New frames added in teletext section, new international section,
BBC Telesoftware statement.
16 Dec 96 Test Card D makes its debut on the Test Card Gallery
British Comedy Clearing House added to the recommended links.
13 Dec 96 New improved versions of the test cards and introducing Test Card G
Typos removed from the Hauppauge Win/TV page. Minor revisions.
The new Web Snatcher Wanted Poster
11 Dec 96 Minor revision to the Test Card page.
09 Dec 96 Web Snatcher Warning Added
07 Dec 96 UK Television Transmitter Page added
06 Dec 96 New teletext images added to the Ceefax, Oracle and "Other" sections.
05 Dec 96 What's New Section added
Ceefax Pages updated with pictures from the ATS manual
Teletext Links added.
Guestbook added


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