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Regional Ceefax is Ready to Roll!

13 Nov 97

It has been a long time coming, but BBC Ceefax are at last ready to launch their regional service from Monday 17th November.

Trials of the new service have been taking place for several months, with news, weather, travel and sport input from journalists at 13 regional centres.

Local news will appear on pages 160 onwards, with regional sport on P390-398.

The TV listings will also be regionalised, taking into account the variances in the BBC's national regions (Scotland Wales and Noerthern Ireland) as well as listings for local ITV regions.

Regional Ceefax 1
Regional Ceefax 2 As you can see in Teletext Then and Now, Oracle were first with a regional service in the early 1980s. Their solution was to devote a VBI line to an entirely separate magazine (originally on magazine 3). I believe that London Oracle was the first.

Teletext took a more radical approach when it launched in 1992. They have more regional teletext variants than there are ITV regions, and the regional elements are fully integrated into the main service.

Ceefax have been promising a regional service for more than 10 years, and we are keen to discover the technical solutions they have put in place.

With the launch of the Ceefax regional service, Sky 5 Text remain the only national teletext service without regional content - and of course they are the newest teletext service.

Even some of the cable companies have regional elements (mainly advertising!)

Regional Ceefax Sport 1

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