The Meldrum Links are web sites that I have visited and enjoyed and regularly check to see what's new. Obviously I wouldn't do that if I thought they were rubbish, so they are my recommended links. You may not have the same interests as me, so I cannot guarantee satisfaction for all, but hopefully you will find something in this list that is useful!

Television Nostalgia Television Resources Teletext Computers

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Television Nostalgia
/mb The Mike Brown Home Page
Home of Mike Brown, for Channel 5, Teletext, Pro-Audio Digital TV and more
625 Television Room
The 625 Television Room
The C5 FAQ, PDC, Public Information Films, TV Links and more
Independent Teleweb
Independent TeleWeb
History of ITV franchises and franchisees
The Order of the Iron Test Pattern Bigglethwaite's UK TV Quicksheet
The UK TV Quicksheet keeps an eye on web sites related to UK Television.
Baird 30 Line Recordings
Restoring Baird's 30 line recordings

Paul Taylor presents...
Another Television Website
TV idents and more from the past and present

The 1989 ITV Corporate Look
includes examples of all the regional variants of the generic ITV logo

Stay Tuned!
An early site from Austria related to Test Cards and Patterns
Test Pattern List
A handy list of sites related to test patterns
Swedish Test Patterns
The vintage television web site
Thames Television Tribute
John Bain's tribute to Thames Television
Irish TV

405 Lines in Ireland
by Richard Logue
The Ultimate TV Clips Site

TV Sounds from many years ago...


Remembering the innovative but short lived satellite television service.

Vintage Television Themes

Australian / Irish Idents
Mikeys 405 / Vintage VCR Page


Television Resources
Media UK Internet Directory

Lists all Media companies on the net

BBC Worldwide TV Standards
Worldwide TV Standards
Channel 4
BBC Engineering Information



Teletext Ltd run the Teletext service on ITV and Channel 4
Robin O'Leary has all the technical details of how teletext and PDC works at
BBC Logo
The BBC web site does not have anything specific about Ceefax at present.
Intelfax are responsible for 4 Tel and most ITV Ancillary Teletext Services
Rob Hardy maintains an up to date A-Z page index of all UK Teletext Services

Teletext Transmission Methods
by G K MacGregor
Marquee Moon Teletext
A teletext design consultancy
VG Broadcast
Suppliers of teletext equipment and systems


I recommend their Win/TV card.
Forte Agent
Home of Agent, the best Email and News reading software.

A very useful shareware AVI capture tool used by the MHP.

Computer Virus Myths
When is the lack of a virus a virus itself? When it's a myth.
Ipswitch Home Page
Home of WS-FTP
Windows 95 Annoyances
Lots of tricks and tips for using Windows 95
PFE - Programmers File Editor

The best text editor around.

Download the latest RealAudio Player here to enable you to listen to the sound clips on this site.
A very useful utility for uploading web pages via FTP automatically, used by the MHP.

This is the shareware video editing software used by the MHP for trimming AVI files.



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