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Transmission Equipment

This scene is from one of the three transmitter halls at Alexandra Palace.

The three were Marconi-EMI vision and Baird vision (placed near the studios) and for the Marconi sound transmitter (centrally located).

Ed Ellers writes

"I'm now virtually certain that this is the Baird vision transmitter."

alexander_palace_transmitter_hall.jpg (12011 bytes)
alexandra_palace_antenna.jpg (16303 bytes) This is a telephoto shot of the original BBC Television antenna at Alexandra Palace, the date is
The same tower, this time taken from ground level, again, the date of this photograph is unknown. alexandra_palace_tower.jpg (15384 bytes)
alexandra_palace_building.jpg (13152 bytes) Another view, this time of Alexandra Palace and tower taken in the 1930s.
The site chosen for the first ITA station, at West Norwood Hill in Croydon. This photograph shows the beginning of construction in 1955. ita_croydon_site.jpg (15560 bytes)
ita_croydon_external.jpg (13290 bytes) The building (looks more like a hut) that housed the first temporary transmitter, used when Independent Television first went on air.
The first, temporary, transmitter at Croydon. This was a single laboratory prototype band III 405 line transmitter, pumping out 60 KW ERP from a 200 foot mast on channel 9. After 9 months of construction, test transmissions started on 13th September 1955 with programmes beginning 22nd September. ita_croydon_temp_tx.jpg (12889 bytes)


Alexander Palace - The End


Thanks to Ed Ellers, Dicky Howett, Greg Taylor, Michael Coop, Gareth Randall and anyone I've forgotten who supplied the words and pictures for this feature.

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