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This page is here to bring you a few miscellaneous items of interest that don't warrant a full section on The Ident Zone yet. Or to put it another way, here are some gems in audio and video that cannot wait for the full treatment!

For each of the clips, you have the option of a streamed version or a downloadable version.
Some of these clips originated from Sean Hughes TV Logos site and are used with permission.

An early (the first?) black and white era ident from Ulster Television, the ITV franchise for Northern Ireland. Does anyone know what the symbol was supposed to signify? Play Now! Download
0:16 207K


An early B&W ident from Westward Channel 9 and Channel 12, supplied by Adrian Ruck. Can anyone date when this ident was used in the West Country? Play Now! Download
0:08 108K


This video is very big, and at 2 minutes 20 secs is one of the longest ones on the MHP. It is the trail used to launch Channel 3 North East in September 1996. C3NE, if you've already forgotten, was the new branding for Tyne Tees Television. It was abandoned in early 1998 and Tyne Tees was reinstated. Play Now! Download
2:20 2140K


Although many of you will recognise this clip for what it is, it is actually a rarely seen variant. This 1989 Generic ITV Ident wasn't broadcast often (if at all) as each region had their own variation which ended with a modified version of their own logo within the "V". This however, is the generic one. Play Now! Download
0:17 166K


Here's a little ditty. This jingle was used by ITV in 1979, after the longest strike in UK broadcasting history had taken ITV off air for 13 weeks. "Welcome Home" was the tune that everyone heard after all those weeks of an apology caption on a blue background. Play Now! Download
1:00 123K


This clip is from 1992 and was one of several variants used as a celebration of Thames before the company ceased broadcasting to London. This particular clip was the last to be broadcast before Big Ben chimed in the New Year and Carlton took over. The music is by The Tourists, lead singer a would-be Eurythmic, Annie Lennox. Play Now! Download
1:35 721K


This is the fuller version of the original 1982 TSW Ident. A shortened version was also available and seemed to get more air time. Perhaps a Westcountry viewer will know why? Play Now! Download
0:11 80K


Animation techniques had moved on by the time TSW revealed their second ident, but some might say that the technology didn't reach the West until much later :-) Play Now! Download
0:07 47K


We go back to the early sixties for this ident from the Welsh and West franchise holder TWW. They went on to take over the North Wales service WWN, the first and only ITV franchise holder to need "bailing out" financially. It didn't do them any good when the 1968 franchise round saw them ousted by HTV. Play Now! Download
0:05 80K


A Black and White Ident from Westward Television, although certainly not the first. This was one of the last ones before the introduction of colour. Play Now! Download
0:06 95K


Possibly the first colour ident from Westward Television, circa 1970? If anyone could confirm I would be grateful, it wasn't seen very often outside the region. Play Now! Download
0:09 39K


I think this was a mid seventies Westward Colour Ident, but again I would be grateful if anyone can confirm the details of when this was shown. Play Now! Download
0:12 54K


We end with the forerunner to Children's ITV (CITV). Watch It! was a generic branding for children's television which still used regional announcers and continuity. It was in use in the very early eighties and featured an animation that changed with the seasons, this is from Autumn 1982 and was used to introduce the very last Tiswas. Play Now! Download
0:17 228K


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