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London Weekend Television

LWT are celebrating their 30th Birthday, so with the help of John Wardle, we've rushed out an Ident Zone special of London Weekend Presentation.

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The very first black and white ident from London Weekend Television, from 1968. This still caption was zoomed in whilst a rather electronic tune was played. Play Now! Download
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Play Now! Download The LWT ident from early 1969. This is the one with "From London Weekend" rotating in to view.
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lwt_1969.jpg (14446 bytes)  
LWT's first colour ident, from around 1970, almost identical to the black and white version, although the music seems slightly different, an extra bong on the end. Play Now! Download
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Play Now! Download This is the first appearance of their famous "river" ident that graced our screens before most weekend entertainment programmes in the seventies. The ribbon is supposed to resemble the River Thames, and the station was known as "London Weekend", the river looking a bit like an L and a W.
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lwt_ribbon1.jpg (11222 bytes)
lwt_invision.jpg (18876 bytes) 1970's in-vision continuity from London Weekend, but who is the announcer? Answers on an email please.
Quite a stylish clock from London Weekend. Like most of the ITV companies, LWT no longer have an on-screen clock. lwt_clock.jpg (12984 bytes)
lwt_1982.jpg (10881 bytes)  
This is their second river ident, after they decided to change their on screen name from "London Weekend" to "London Weekend Television", or LWT for short. This was in use from 1978 onwards. Play Now! Download
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A variation on a theme, the London Minorities Unit of LWT had its own ident, featured here. The ident animated like the one above, before flipping horizontally to reveal the image right.

There was also the London Community Unit which had its own LCU ident.

lwt_lmu.jpg (6927 bytes)
lwt_southbank_slide_1982.jpg (16849 bytes) One of several still slides used by LWT, this one from 1982. They were used instead of in-vision continuity, and seemed to be common around lunchtimes. The slides all featured the LWT building from different angles and during the evenings the view was by night. They were used up until September 1983.
Play Now! Download This ident was used in the London Area only around the early eighties. It involves a revolving LWT and the phrase "Your Weekend ITV". As I recall, this was introduced very shortly after in-vision continuity ended.
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lwt_local_weekend_itv.jpg (10420 bytes)
lwt_3d.jpg (6921 bytes) Computer animations were in-vogue during the 1980s, and LWT were happy to use the new technology. This 3d version of the LWT symbol was used during 1985 and 1986 and could be seen to revolve on occasions. The clock was abandoned, as were break bumpers.
Play Now! Download This LWT ident was introduced in September 1986 and is the "blinds" ident on a white background. Each letter appears in sequence, individually, first "L" only, then "W" only, then "T" only before the final blinds rotation reveals all three letters.
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lwt_1987.jpg (12157 bytes)
A Local variant of the blinds ident, introducing the news. Another local variant exits, a short version with the blinds rotating to show all three letters at once. LWT had no clock during the "blinds" period, but did have a break bumper. Play Now! Download
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lwt_last_preprog_part.jpg (6649 bytes)  
Also introduced in Sept 1986, this is the final pre-programme ident used by LWT for their networked programmes before ITV abolished all pre-programme idents on 1st January 1988. It is the same style as the blinds, but each letter appears in sequence, and the animation is different. It is difficult to describe so I hope you have Real Player to enjoy it! Play Now! Download
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Play Now! Download This wonderful short trail was used by LWT in their "blinds" period and showed a number of photographs of famous LWT artists before the blinds turned in to the image left, revealing that the photographs were by Snowden, and the programmes by LWT.
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lwt_pictures_by_snowden.jpg (7084 bytes)

In 1989, all ITV companies adopted (to a greater or lesser extent) the new Generic ITV branding.

lwt_genericitv_1.jpg (9405 bytes)
The 1989 Generic ITV ident as seen in the LWT region. The animation started with this frame, then continued with the generic ident and theme to end with... Play Now! Download
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The ITV with LWT ribbons in the "V". LWT have always been happy to play the "ITV" card, their catchphrase "Your Weekend ITV" has been used for the last twenty years at least. The generic ITV ident also heralded the return of an LWT clock and break bumper. Strangely the blinds ident continued in use for some time to introduce local programmes. lwt_genericitv_2.jpg (7668 bytes)
lwt_1988.jpg (9885 bytes)
This ident featured the letters LWT building up as pieces flew in from the right and was introduced around 1992, with the music based around the generic ITV theme. Two versions existed, the ITV logo at the bottom only being shown before networked programmes. Play Now! Download
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Play Now! Download Another variant, this one recorded in 1994. It is a short ident with LWT bursting in to the centre of the screen via a flash of light before pieces form a circular orbit around it.
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lwt_94_circles.jpg (7690 bytes)

Autumn 1996 saw the introduction of the current LWT ident, with a different form of lettering. The break bumper was a flash of LWT in sequence but this was replaced earlier this year (1998) with one made of white squares. Sadly no clock is visible.

lwt_grand_prix98.jpg (7509 bytes)  
A special version of the LWT ident introduced in 1997 for use on Grand Prix weekends and shown before most programmes. The LWT forms as normal but then a chequered flag appears and fast whisps of colour pass by the three letters as the noise of Grand Prix cars is heard. Play Now! Download
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A new animation for 1998, LWT introduced this for use at the end of each programme to signal the start of an advert break with the announcer telling us what the next programme is. Two single "LWT" come together from opposite directions and then wave about until settling in to the image here. This is still followed by their break bumper, which is also used during in-programme ad breaks. Play Now! Download
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lwt_98_coming_next.jpg (7147 bytes)
lwt_worldcup98.jpg (5511 bytes)
A special version of the LWT ident used during the 1998 World Cup finals. The animation starts as normal with the LWT coming in to view, before each letter individually morphs in to a football, each with an atom style smaller ball circling in different orbits. Play Now! Download
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Play Now!


Below are some stills from the special 30th Birthday Ident, featuring rotating candles and bubbles.

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lwt_30th_1_160px.jpg (4575 bytes)lwt_30th_2_160px.jpg (3106 bytes)lwt_30th_3_160px.jpg (5415 bytes)lwt_30th_4_160px.jpg (2655 bytes)

Since this page was written, LWT have changed their on-screen identity twice. The first change was to the generic ITV "Hearts" look, and the second to a new "video wall" style from 24th Mar 2000. Pictures will appear here in due course.

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