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When we launched this page in 1996, there were very few websites which featured television idents, but since then every Tom Dick and Harry has launched their own page. Even the BBC have got in on the act, with the launch of their Cult TV section. We want to be the best, so MHP has teamed up with The TV Room, who have now taken on board the Ident Zone content.

The original Ident Zone content will remain here, but is not being updated. Please do visit The TV Room for the comprehensive catalogue of UK Television Presentation idents.


Each chapter is dedicated to a particular breed of television graphics, idents, symbols or logos. Over time, we hope it will build to become the definitive source of information on television graphics. Some of the sections are hosted by web sites other than the MHP. Don't worry - they are all very good and hopefully they all contain a link back here. We have also put some recommended links if you want to find out more about a particular topic.

If you can help correct any of the facts, supply any dates, or suggest what's missing (even if you don't have a copy), then please get in touch. Join mhp-chat and discuss the subject with fellow enthusiasts.

The following sections are still available.

BBC Television Service From the Second World War to 1964, BBC-tv gave birth to continuity. ()
BBC1 From Mechanical Globes to Virtual Worlds and Hot Air Balloons ()
BBC2 Covering BBC2 graphics from 1964 to the present day. ()
BBC Choice The BBC's new general purpose channel available on digital only. ()
BBC Sport Ten years of BBC Sport idents from 1988 to the present day. ()
Children's BBC From the Broom Cupboard to Studio 9, Children's Television Graphics ()
The Open University The Open University from 1971 to the present day. ()
UK TV Covering the inaugural graphics of the UKTV family of BBC channels ()
The Grampian Zone ITV Grampian Graphics from ATW
TV-am Zone ITV first breakfast television franchise presented by Jamie Wilson
LWT 30 Years of London Weekend Television ()
ITN Independent Television News in the black and white era. ()
ATV A brief sample from ATV Midlands and London ()
HTV A fully comprehensive review in the Harlech House of Graphics New!
BBC Schools A review of the early diamonds and dots ()
BBC News and Weather Reviewing news and weather graphics from the BBC ()
Miscellaneous Zone A Collection of Audio and Video Idents from various channels and years ()

Other Sites of Interest

The 1989 Generic ITV Logo The story behind the corporate look, and the regional implementations.
ITV Southern England The story of Southern, TVS and Meridian
TSW Online Chronology of the ITV station between Westward and Westcountry


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