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BBC Schools and Colleges

A whistle-stop tour of the graphics used by the BBC to introduce their programmes for schools and colleges.

The BBC Schools Diamond. A fascinating display as the solid lines broke up into dots and then reassemble itself. Even more amazing considering that this was broadcast live and was a mechanical model, housed in the "Noddy" caption machine.

bbc_schools_diamond_1974.jpg (11833 bytes)bbc_schools_diamond_1974_2.jpg (11608 bytes)

The diamond survived the next logo revamp

bbc_schools_diamond_1970s.jpg (12252 bytes)bbc_schools_follows_shortly_1.jpg (18052 bytes)

But was replaced fairly quickly with a new dots countdown clock. The dots disappeared as the clock counted down a minute. In the early days, the centre caption rotated in and out of view, but this was eventually changed to be static. It is rumoured that this was because the mechanical model broke down and nobody could fix it.

bbc_schools_clock_1978.jpg (39809 bytes)bbc_schools_clock_1981.jpg (28718 bytes)

bbc_schools_follows_shortly_2.jpg (19587 bytes)

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