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BBC 2 Idents The Eighties

The 1980s brought two basic designs of BBC2 ident, but the beginning of variations on a theme.

2stripes_anim.gif (89487 bytes) The original Orange and White striped BBC2 ident. It was the first computer generated BBC ident, and was animated by drawing the ident from left to right. At the end of the day, it would disappear from left to right.

This ident was used from 1980/1 to 1986. Does anyone know the exact date it was introduced?

Does anyone remember the tune that accompanied this as it was drawn? Play Now! Download
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The clock that accompanied the ident above. The clock design is now a classic for the BBC. I don't think the symbol underneath the clock was animated, unless of course, you know different! BBC2 Orange and White Stripe Clock
BBC2 Orange and White Stripe Open University Ident The Open University made up a large proportion of BBC2 programmes, particularly on Saturdays when the OU occupied 6am until about 3pm.

The OU symbol was animated, turning to reveal a solid "O" in the middle, turning again to reveal the "U" with the O missing. It was accompanied by the scary trumpet music.

The ident had one main variant, using a light yellow background for schools programmes during the "Daytime on 2" strand. This brought together schools and pre-schools programmes from around 9am to 2pm. Believed to have been introduced in 1984. BBC2 Orange and White Stripe Daytime on 2 Ident, Yellow background
BBC2 Stripe Programme Menu An end of trail menu slide from the stripy 2 era. This was rather unusual for menu slides, they were usually of a more plain design.
Standard programme stills were a full screen photograph with the 2 and programme title, as demonstrated here. BBC2 Orange and White Stripe Programme still
BBC2 Orange and White Stripe Programme Still Another example of still slide and caption. These were commonly used at junctions with announcer describing programme details. They were also used if technical problems interrupted the programme.
Part of a mid-eighties "New Season" trail on BBC2. Sometimes these trails could last 5 or ten minutes and get a listing in the TV schedules.




Introduced on Easter Day, 1986 the new look TWO. The first BBC2 ident to drop all mention of the numeric form of "2", it seemed to accompany BBC2 moving up-market.

It was animated by starting with a pure white screen with the letters rising in turn from the background.

Close of day, it would recede back to all white.

BBC TWO on White Ident
BBC TWO on White French Revolution Ident A variation on the "TWO" theme, this was used for programmes celebrating the French Revolution.
A variation on the "TWO" theme, this was used for programmes celebrating the French Revolution. BBC TWO on White French Revolution Splash Ident
BBC TWO on White Light Blue OU Ident The classic Open University ident reworked for the new look "TWO". Same OU animation and tune as before.
This unusual variant was in common use for programmes with Ceefax subtitles, featuring the standard Hard of Hearing symbol BBC TWO on White 888 Subtitles Ident
BBC TWO on White The Late Show Ident Used before the very first edition of "The Late Show", the "TWO" receded as in the standard version, to be replaced by "THE" appearing from the white background.


The BBC TWO clock from 1988. The clock hands are three different colours, red, green and light blue, matching the colours used on the TWO. BBC TWO on White Clock
BBC TWO on White Programme Still This was the style of programme slide used to promote programmes in breaks. The picture and caption would change depending on programme, but otherwise all fixed trails with voice over were of the same style.
The programme menu stills were more imaginative, as this one from the end of 1987 shows. BBC TWO Programme Menu
BBC TWO on White "THREE" Roland Rat Spoof Ident Not actually used on BBC2, this spoof "BBC3" ident was used in Roland Rat - The Series.
"Now on TWO", Children's Sunday morning programmes were introduced with this ident and presented by Simon Potter and Simon Parkin between 1987 and 1989. bbc_two_nowon2.jpg (19428 bytes)
BBC TWO Daytime on TWO Still A daytime schools still from the late 1980s. Did the daytime ident vary during schools programmes?
Just visible here is the regional variation of BBC2 ident for the South East. Each region had their own version. Regular English regional programmes on BBC2 were introduced during the TWO period, previously they had been restricted to BBC1 and the national regions. BBC TWO on White Soth East Regional Ident
bbc_two_still_rapido.jpg (12632 bytes) Yet another style of programme still, this is probably from around 1990 for the "Rapido" programme, which later formed part of "Def II".


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