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There have been very few programme specific idents, which are used over a long period of time to introduce a specific programme or programme strand. We believe this page to be a complete set of post 1991 speocifc idents.

If anyone can help with the missing dates, when idents were appeared and were withdrawn, please get in touch.
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"Def II Blade"

A play on the standard "Blade", using a different soundtrack, this was used for a series of early evening "yoof" programmes commissioned by Janet Street Porter. The strand went by the name of "Def II"

Used : Unknown, possibly 1991/92

"Def II Copper Cut-Out"

A reworking of the standard "Copper Cut-Out", again for the "Def II" strand.

Used : Unknown, possibly 1991/92

BFT2 1991

Used to introduce the Children's BBC strand "But First This" in 1991. The small "Blade" 2 makes an appearance.

Used: 1991

bbc2_bftlogo.jpg (15929 bytes)

Used to celebrate 100 years of motion pictures. Used before special programmes about the history of film, and also before many feature films.

Used : Throughout 1997

"Gorilla Shadow"

A special theme ident, currently used to introduce the "Animal Zone" on Sundays. The Gorilla comes in to view, picks up the "2" which is lying flat, and then retreats. It is called "Shadow" as the Gorilla's shadow is visible after it has gone out of view.

Introduced : 12 Oct 97
Status :Current

"Gorilla Tantrum"

This is the second special ident used to introduce the Animal Zone.

This one is in some ways the opposite of the first, the Gorilla has a tantrum and knocks over the "2" before retreating.

Introduced : 19 Oct 1997
Status : Current


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