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BBC 2 Idents A Perfect Christmas

Back in 1991, BBC2 had a special theme day, on Saturday 21st December. It was billed as a celebration of classic BBC programmes from the past, and entitled "A Perfect Christmas". A number of special idents were used before each programme. We don't have all of them, but thanks to LJones, we can revive a few memories.

 bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_menu_saturday.jpg (14200 bytes) Programmes began at 12.10 and continued through to 1.50am, this menu showing some of the programmes on offer.
The full line up is listed here, with only the News interrupting the nostalgia. Perhaps this formed the blueprint for UK Gold? 12.10 The Flowerpot Men
12.25 Dr.Finlay's Casebook
1.15 Eastenders (Christmas 1986)
2.15 Top of the Pops Christmas Special (1973)
3.00 The Queen
3.05 It's a Wonderful life (Film)
5.15 Steptoe and Son (1974)
6.00 Christmas night with the stars (1964)
7.00 News
7.15 Strangeways (1980)
8.00 A Stocking full of Christmas Cliches
8.30 Evacuees (1975)
9.45 The Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show
10.45 Hancock's Half Hour (1958)
11.15 The Signalman (1976)
11.55 The Big Sleep (Film)
bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_jeans.jpg (14793 bytes) We are not sure what idents were shown before the first three programmes, but at 2.15, it was time for Top of the Pops. The '2' appears to have been sewn onto some very 70s-looking jeans. The sequence was basically people in a 70's disco, dancing to music (you don't get to see any faces) and  the final shot is the camera zooming onto the '2'.
And at 3.00pm, just after TOTP, it's time for the Queen's speech. Notice the '2' in the form of a dog tag! The camera moves down slowly past the dog's face to reveal the '2' in this one. bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_dog.jpg (12317 bytes)
bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_toy.jpg (12314 bytes) This ball bearing toy was shown just before the afternoon feature film "It's a Wonderful Life".
Not entirely sure what this is, but it was shown just before the programme "Christmas With The Stars". bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_plug.jpg (14401 bytes)
bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_snow.jpg (17939 bytes) The snow toy, shaken up to reveal the "2" just before "A Stocking Full of Christmas Cliches". This theme was revived for the Christmas 1997 BBC2 ident featuring Vic and Bob with Ulrika.
Cases packed, identity card intact, "2" wrapped up and BBC2 was ready to present "The Evacuees", film made in 1975. bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_war.jpg (15441 bytes)
bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_menu_tonight.jpg (12679 bytes) The late night line up on "A Perfect Christmas" featuring The Signalman and The Big Sleep.
Is that a toupee the "2" is wearing on stage in front of the gold curtains? I think we should be told... bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_m_w_1.jpg (18036 bytes)
 bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_m_w_2.jpg (17466 bytes) ... it is indeed,  as it is pulled off accompanied by laughter from the "audience". This sequence was used to introduced Eric and Ernie as The Morecambe and Wise Show started at 9.45pm.
You can always rely on old Hancock to get in to the spirit of things, as this silvery "2" stuck to the paper hat was used to introduce a 1958 episode of Hancock's Half Hour. bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_hat.jpg (12355 bytes)
 bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_ghost1.jpg (11322 bytes) The penultimate programme of the evening was introduced by something hiding under a white sheet, in the darkness.
This was then revealed as the ghostly "2", perfect to introduce a ghost story called "The Signalman", originally transmitted at Christmas 1976. bbc2_1991_perfect_xmas_ghost2.jpg (11698 bytes)

The final programme was the late film, "The Big Sleep". Does anyone remember this theme day and night, and can anyone describe the idents used before the other programmes?

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