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BBC 2 Idents Been and Gone

Whilst most of the original 11 are still in use in 1998, a number were introduced after 1991, but have since been withdrawn. All of the idents on this page were "regulars" for a while, but are no longer to be seen.

If anyone can help with the missing dates, when idents were appeared and were withdrawn, please get in touch.
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Are there any other regular idents that have been and gone?


A metallic helium filled fairground style balloon bobbing up and down on a string. Simple as that really! Not sure when it was introduced, but it was removed just prior to the new logo relaunch in 1997, presumably so not to clash with the BBC1 Balloon.

Introduced : Unknown
Withdrawn : 03 Oct 1997

BBC2 Balloon (Old)
BBC2 Original Learning Zone "Learning Zone" ??

This ident was used exclusively overnight on BBC2 from the launch of the BBC's Learning Zone (1994?) until it was relaunched in 1997. The ident showed various educational items (such as the equation E=mc2) floating by either as eral objects or shadows.

The Learning Zone killed off BBC2's Open University ident.

Introduced : Unknown
Withdrawn : 03 Oct 97


This general - purpose ident was frequently seen before horticultural programmes such as Garderners' World. The flower bed starts of bare, but with the aid of time-lapse photography, the flowers grow and bloom to reveal the "2".

Introduced : Unknown
Withdrawn : 03 Oct 1997

BBC2 "Garden"

Prior to the Learning Zone, the BBC experimented with encrypted commercial night time services, and ended up with programmes in the clear for selected and specialised audiences. This went under the title of "BBC Select" and had its own ident but no announcer. I don't have a copy of graphics from this era, but I am happy to accept donations!

"Crystal Ball" ??

Very short lived, this ident featured a crystal ball rolling over the "2", severely distorting the image as it passed. This was in use in November 1993.

Introduced : Unknown
Withdrawn : Unknown

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