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The Black and White Years

BBC-1 was born in 1964, at the same time as BBC-2. It was the new name for the old BBC Television Service, or just BBC-tv as it was then known. The globe was introduced in the final year of BBC-tv and has been used by BBC-1 ever since, in a variety of guises.

Introduced late 1963, still in use 8 Nov 1964. Introduced on BBC-tv, it survived the change to BBC-1. In fact the new BBC-1 took a while to rebrand their idents, as this example shows. So few people could receive the new BBC-2 (due to poor coverage and the new UHF 625 line standard) that there was little chance of confusion.

The black circle around the globe was in fact the gap between the rotating globe and the white card. The original had "BBC-tv" in the bottom corner, and this was changed to plain "BBC" when BBC-1 was launched. This was the second BBC Globe.

This clock accompanied the above ident symbol on BBC-1 from 1963 but appears to have still been in use in 1966. Perhaps someone can confirm the dates? A very simple design, note the two shadows of the second hand caused by the haphazard lighting arrangements.
This BBC-1 ident symbol was used on the 8th November 1966 and was a still used to introduce a news report.
The "Watch Strap" globe was introduced in 1964, and was used for several years. We don't have exact dates for this, but it also appears to have been used in 1966.
This odd looking globe was the penultimate on BBC1 before it converted to Colour. It was used in 1968 and 1969, although we don't know exactly when it was introduced. I suspect from the size and look that it is the same mechanical model as the "Watch Strap" globe above, with the straps removed and a new caption.
One final globe before colour is missing from this collection. Sometime after mid-1969, the BBC introduced a new globe lit from inside, with transparent plastic illuminating the countries. Only when colour was officially introduced in November 1969 did this globe have a curved mirror placed behind it, to create the classic look in the next chapter...


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