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BBC 1 1997 Balloons

The new style BBC1 clock in vibrant Orange. I quite like this clock, it is very warm!

The clock face has been made slightly larger. Excessive fine tuning or accident? We might never know!

The new BBC 1 Balloon launched on screen at 0705 BST on Sat 4th October 1997.
The balloon has been filmed at 10 locations around Britain, and there are currently 47 different versions with more to come. The locations are :

England: South Downs, Port of Felixstowe; Canary Wharf, London; Swinside Stone Circle, Cumbria.
Wales: Snowdon; Cardiff City Hall.
Scotland: Forth Bridge, Eilean Donan Castle.
Ireland: Grey Abbey; Strangford.

Offering different landscapes before each BBC 1 programme.
Closedown on BBC1 was the best time to see the balloon, as an extended version was shown during the national anthem. Unfortunately it did not survive the launch of News 24.
The Balloon stopping for a rest at the Swinside Stone Circle in Cumbria.
I assume this is the balloon at the side of Snowden, unless you can confirm otherwise?

Two small versions from Scotland. The first, which says "BBC ONE Scotland", is used for much of both the locally generated and networked programmes. The second, "BBC ONE Alba" is used before Gaelic programmes.

bbc1_balloon_castle_02.jpg (9415 bytes) The view from above Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland.
The camera and the balloon move in tandem to provide views of some wonderful scenery. bbc1_balloon_castle_03.jpg (10049 bytes)
bbc1_balloon_forth_bridge_02.jpg (10687 bytes) The view from the Forth Bridge as we run along the full width with the ballon in the distance.
New look trails, with the new logo firmly fixed at the bottom centre of the screen. It is designed like this to make conversion to widescreen easier.
A Saturday line up on the new look BBC 1

The BBC1 Balloons were withdrawn on Friday 29 March 2002. The TV Room has clips of the final baloons, and their replacements.

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