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"The Television Show"

Ian Haggis writes:

Some years ago, an East Midlands radio station named GEM AM had a programme on Sunday's named the 'Television Show''. The presenter was named Andrew Marriot and was obviously a bit of an enthusiast but not very helpful to other enthusiasts. He used to play mainly TV themes and have TV orientated competitions but he did from time to time play the odd thing of serious interest. One was this attached jingle. When I first heard it I thought the speech had been recorded over the LWT jingle, but it's not. It sounds very similar to LWT and I wondered if you could come up with any ideas. It's nice whatever it is.

Can you help? Here is the jingle in RealAudio format.

Let us know you views in the Feedback Forum

"Channel 5"

James Robinson asks:

"Does anyone have a copy of the Channel 5 test card which was broadcast via Storeton relay station (UHF ch 39), on 20 or 21 March 1997 around 1700? Aparently this consisted of the usual channel 5 test card, with the circle, but without the number "5" in the middle! There was a 1kHz tone on sound. Any news on this would be appreciated.

If you can help, let us know you views in the Feedback Forum


Both myself and Jeremy Rogers are seeking any images related to the short-lived Welsh ITV station, WWN. If you have anything, let me know.

Testcards around the World

I am trying to compile a list of countries and TV services that have used the BBC Test Cards C and F. If you know for certain that your country has used these, please let me know. Ideally I would like to know:

Country, TV Station, "C" / "F" / Both, approximate years if known, and what caption / centre photo was used.

1979 ITV Strike

I would love to have a copy of the apology captions used during the 1979 ITV strike, or any other television industrial action. If you have a copy, or know of someone who has, please let me know in the Feedback Forum

Regional Teletext

As well as any archive teletext pages, I am currently looking for current regional teletext pages. This includes pages 330/332/113 on ITV and the regional ancillary services on page 600. I am currently seeking Westcountry, Meridian, HTV, Anglia, Border and Grampian.

Longest Running British TV Programme

I'm trying to establish what the longest running British TV programme is. I have two candidates for the distinction, "What the Papers Say" and "The Sky at Night". Can anyone confirm the dates that these programmes started? Have I missed out any other programme, still running from that vintage?

This is Ceefax

Sean Cooke would like to find out more about the BBC programme,'This is ceefax'.? It was broadcast in 1975 with Angela Rippon as host and he would really like to see it or speak with someone who saw it...

Submitting images

I'll happily accept any test cards, captions, idents, in fact anything related to archive television. You can email me MIME attachments or UUencoded files at I accept virtually any graphic format and RealAudio and RealVideo. I can also read AVI and Quicktime movies. Text is acceptable as ASCII, RTF, HTML, Word or anything else for that matter. I accept any compressed files that Winzip can support.

We also now have an upload facility, supported by some browsers, so that you can upload a file directly. If you want to try it out, it is at

For inclusion on this web site, I convert all images to 320x240 pixels, in either JPEG or GIF format, whichever is smaller without losing too much of the image detail. For images which aren't originally in 4:3 ratio, I make them 320 pixels wide, and whatever height is necessary to maintain the original aspect ratio. I'll happily accept different sized images, but if you convert them to this size first, you will save me a little time.

If sending teletext pages, I prefer to have the original frame rather than a GIF/JPG. Don't worry what package you are using, I can convert all uncompressed teletext pages, regardless of what software generated it.

If you have printed material or video tapes and don't have the facilities to convert these to a computer readable format, then let me know. I can accept such contributions by snail mail, and will always return originals promptly. I can also refund postage, but do let me know what you have first.


I'm always pleased to hear your comments, suggestions and criticisms. If you do email me, I may include excerpts on the Feedback page, suitably attributed. Let me know if you would rather remain anonymous or if anything you send is strictly not for publication. Alternatively, why not use the new feedback forum, so that your message is automatically included?

If you can help with any of the above, or have a question of your own, let me know at or post a message in the Feedback Forum

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