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The following have contributed their time, images, video tapes, knowledge, marriages, health and other even more important things in order to get a mention on this page. Thank you to everyone who has helped.

Graham Barnard
Nigel Barrett
Peter Bell
Stuart Clary
James Cridland
Martin Deutsch
Simon Dean
Tim Disney
Ed Ellers
Andrew Emmerson
David Grant
Ian Haggis
Keith Hamer
Rob Hardy
Sean Hughes
Richard J. Logue
Robin O'Leary
Stephen Parkin
Danny Payea
Howard Pitfield
Gareth Randall
Lee Redmayne
Lindsay Reid
Phil Reynolds
Jase Robertson
James Robinson
Jeremy Rogers
Adrian Ruck
Alex J. Sebbinger
Mark Simpson
Steve Smith
Philip Striplin
Brian Swords
Paul Taylor
Anne Wallace
Jamie Wilson
Andrew Wiseman
Ray Woodward

and all the contributors to mhp-chat!


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