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Shall I prepare the guest room for Mr Cock-up?

Welcome to Pick of the Continuity Announcements. In some ways this section is a collection of miscellany, but the intention is to feature announcements, fault captions and other matters where things don't go according to plan.

Pick of the Continuity Announcements Good Evening Televiewers 07 Mar 98
In the early days of television, everyone was learning the ropes. Unreliable technology, mammoth amounts of human effort and a constant need to things as cheaply as possible meant that things were bound to go wrong. This section covers what happens when they did.
The Guest Room The Guest Room 07 Mar 98
We've prepared a Guest Room for Mr Cock-up, as we present some more modern examples of what happens to the best laid plans. The technology has improved, but this just means that mistakes happen more quickly than before...
Diana, Princess of Wales Death of Diana, Princess of Wales 07 Mar 98
A "Pick of the Continuity Announcements" Special covering the immediate media coverage from the early hours of Sunday 31st August 1997.
Experimental Colour Tests Experimental Colour 01 Nov 97
A small collection of images and sounds from early BBC Experimental Colour transmissions in 1959, taken from the promotional film "This Is The BBC".
Channel 5 The 1997 Launch of Channel 5 01 Nov 97
Images from the preparation and launch of Channel 5, the last UK analogue terrestrial television station, January to March 1997
Engineering Information Engineering Information 07 Mar 98
Memories of the "ghost" programmes of engineering information, broadcast by the BBC and IBA. Includes images, audio and video.
ITV in the morning The Start of ITV 07 Mar 98
Audio and video clips of early morning starts to local ITV stations, from as far south as the Channel Islands up to Scotland, from the sixties to the eighties.


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