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IBA - TV-am programmes begin at 6.00 An IBA caption from the 1980s, used overnight by those ITV companies that were not broadcasting 24 hours a day.
From LWT's first attempt at an overnight service. LWT - Thru to 6
BBC Neighbours VT Clock If all goes well, you never see this. The countdown clock, as found on all VT tapes used for broadcast. This one is for an episode of Neighbours! West One TV are an independent post-production facility, believed to be contracted to edit Neighbours for the BBC.
A BBC apology caption from February 1997.
Technical breakdowns are rare these days, but they do happen. Unlike the early days, all programmes now have a standby in case of failure.
BBC Apology Caption - Feb 1997
BBC2 Apology Caption Oct 1997 October 1997

This was the first sighting of an apology caption since the change of BBC logo.

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This is the BBC1 apology caption, seen in November 1997 when the late night film "Memphis" suffered crackly sound. It was a fairly long break, during which some music was played. This sound clip has been edited, to remove the initial long period of silence before the music started, and also to shorten the period of music.

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BBC1 Apology Caption Nov 1997
ITV Strike Caption No. 1 Before we leave, we take a trip back to 1979, and the longest strike in British Television history, on ITV
Several white on blue computer generated captions were shown usually accompanied by silence.

Anyone got any memories of the strike?

ITV Strike Caption No. 2
ITV were not the only ones to have strikes. The longest BBC strike was prior to Christmas 1978, but they have had numerous short strikes in the seventies and eighties.

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